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Patented Apparatus and Methods
US 5,718,235 US 5,891,044
US 6,487,442 SU 1,683,679



It is possible to measure stress and distress. Dr. Hans Selye coined the term “stress” and defined it as the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change. The word “stressed” has been used for a long time in physics to define elasticity property of materials. Historically, the word “strain” explains Dr. Selye’s concept better, when a biological system is able to come back to its original balance after encounter with external force or stressors.

Heart beat-to-beat variability reflects the delicate balance of energy / information in a human body.

Dr. Golosarsky proposed a time-domain heart beat-to-beat measurements method to evaluate cardiovascular stress and distress. Stress is adaptive reaction of biological system to the environment, with possible minimal energy expenditures, based on the information from internal and external sensors. Earliest distress can be defined as excessive consumption of biological system resources triggered by a decline in ability to sense the environment.


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