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Patented Apparatus and Methods
US 5,718,235 US 5,891,044
US 6,487,442 SU 1,683,679


Stress and Distress evaluation is based on beat to beat heart rate measurements. The initial technique was proposed more than 2000 years ago by Chinese physicians when they discovered that normal heart beats timing is somewhat variable, and reflects a sign of health. Too regular beat-to-beat variations forecast bad prognosis. This technique was rediscovered by Russian mathematicians in the mid 1960’s and used to assess stress in cosmonauts during space flight. At that time the concept of stress measurements based on beat-to-beat variability was proposed.

Many years later, Medicare approved a method for “heart rate variability measurement”, as the officially recognized way to assess cardiovascular system neuroregulation in a patient with diabetes mellitus.

Dr. Golosarsky’s method allows patients, athletes to monitor themselves in real time with a relatively simple output technique that can be used in portable heart rate monitors or in stationary computer devices. The green, yellow and red display colors (OK, CAUTION and ALARM) represent human body functional states respectively.



  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Stress/distress evaluation
  • Response to various medications
  • Autonomic neuropathy evaluation
  • Screening
  • Depression evaluation


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